Residential - Select Completed Projects


Robbins Mill Estates

Acton, MA


  • 90 single family homes development on 175 acres.
  • 50,000 cubic yard import.
  • Site utilities, bulk excavation, bituminous paving and curbing.

Quail Ridge Estates

Acton, MA


  • 410 town home and garden units on 150 acre development.
  • Blast & process 120,000 cubic yards of ledge.
  • Water booster station, sewer pump station, treatment plant construction, and force main system.

South Natick Hills

Natick, MA


  • 365 town houses and garden units on 100 acre development.
  • Blast & process 100,000 cubic yards of ledge.
  • 3 mile sewer force main system, water booster station, site utilties, bituminous paving and curbing.

Hill Top Farms

Grafton, MA


  • 265 town houses on 80 acre development.
  • Blast & process 90,000 cubic yard of ledge.
  • Sitie utilities, sewer pump station, bituminous paving and curbing.

Arbor Glen

Stow, MA


  • 64 active senior units on 40 acre development.
  • Bulk earth excavation.
  • Site utilities along with bituminous paving and curbing.

Hartwell Farms

Bedford, MA


  • 165 Town home units on 50 acre development.
  • Blast & process 30,000 cubic yards of ledge.
  • 2 mile sewer force main system, sewer pump station, water booster station, site utilities and bituminous paving and curbing.

Parker River Landing

Georgetown, MA


  • 51 active senior units on 17 acre development.
  • Excavation, remediation, and disposal of unlined landfill.
  • Site utilities, bituminous paving and curbing.

Jonathans Landing

Braintree, MA


  • 225 garden units on 32 acre development.
  • Earth excavation and site utilities.
  • Bituminous paving and curbing.
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