Commercial & Industrial - Select Completed Projects


Centech Park East

Shrewsbury, MA


  • 85 acre industrial park.
  • Furnish & install 1,800 linear feet of roadway, sewer, water, gas, electric, & telecom.
  • Blast & process 25,000 cubic yards of ledge.

Saint Gobain Plant

Milford, MA


  • Excavation & removal of ledge and contaminated soils.
  • Excavation & backfill foundation.
  • Furnish & install drainage, water, sewer, telecom, & electrical.

Acton Solar Development

Acton, MA


  • Working on previously capped landfill, strip existing loam, install new clay layer.
  • Import 14,000 cubic yards of gravel & dense grade.
  • Excavate & construct ballast blocks for solar panels.

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